Saturday, February 25, 2012

REBOOT! - 1 Year into the Hobby

Hello fellow wargamers... I know, I know I havn't been updating since forever... I'd give you guys excusess like work got in the way and my wife and I are trying to have a baby, but that won't magically generate posts for this blog during my very long abscense...

As the title suggests I'm doing a reboot, not just of this blog but also of my army and even my mindset when I play. What exactly does that mean?

Well for my army, I plan to repaint them in a different color scheme. They will still be blue mind you (I like Cygnar blue after all), but with my personal twist.

The blog will be updated every week like when I started it(at least I will do my best to do so) in the slight change (i.e. VERY HIGH CHANCE) that I can't post a proper update I will post a filler post just to keep the blog active. The posts will still be centered on painting, but I will admit that I won't always have a painting project. I'll probably discuss that in a post sometime, so if I can't update you on a painting project I will instead post some tactical opinion on Cygnar models. I did this before but back then I myself wasn't sure how to use what unit, so it felt wrong for me to post about tactics that I personally have not used.

Mindset wise, basically I have accepted this as my hobby. Its my escape from the stress of work and a way for me to enjoy myself, I was actually too serious about this hobby and it caused some burnouts. Now I'm all "loose" about it, I will do this to have fun. If I get good at it then kudos to me.

Now, I think its only fitting that I finish what I started in my last few posts before I vanished. My last model was Reinholt, I finished him but I never showed the finish product here. Well, here he is...

I consider him to be my best work so far, also I need to thank the guys at Lost Hemisphere for sharing my entries in their monthly "Paint the Target". They really help push me to get my stuff painted.

Alright, that's all for today folks... You can move along now, visit me again next week when I share my re-painted pStryker. Thanks for reading. ^_^